Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PlayRite Farm is Bouncing into the Year

Kidding season is well under way here.. 7 does have kidded so with 20 kids born .. 1 single 2 sets of twins 2 sets of triplets, 1 set of quads and our very first set of Quints. There are 2 does in the kidding shed now with 3 more expected to join them before the week is out.. there are still over half left to go :~ I am very please with how this year has started off compared to last year.. i have not had to go in to pull not one. all the does are doing very well by themselves.. PRAISE GOD.. answer to my prayers.

The best part here is they seem to find homes faster then i can get them dried off, this is a good thing for sure, also answer to my prayers.  I am soo  GRATEFUL

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