Saturday, March 12, 2011

Polled X Polled Breeding

Horned (pp) X Horned (pp) = 100% horned (pp) offspring.
Polled (Pp) X Horned (pp) = 50% polled (Pp), 50% horned (pp) offspring.
Polled (Pp) X Polled (Pp) = 25% polled (PP), 50% polled (Pp), 25% horned (pp)
Homozygous polled (PP) X Horned (pp) = All polled (Pp) offspring.
Homozygous polled (PP) X Homozygous Polled (PP) = All homozygous polled (PP) offspring.

Hubby wanted to see what would happen if we bred polled to polled, i tried to argue with him. telling him of the high chances of the kids coming out sterile or being Hemorphadites born with both sexes being present. I had also heard that there are 3 types of poled goats, a short medium and tall nubs also called giraffe nubs, and if at least one parent has giraffe nubs the success of normal kids is higher there for producing Polled (Pp) X Polled (Pp) = 25% polled (PP), 50% polled (Pp), 25% horned (pp) offspring. I have a couple of polled does with medium nubs and a buck  with shot nubs but his sire had giraffe nubs.. so we are giving it a try < nail biting >  Dee Dee (polled doe) had triplets 2 bucks and one doe.. they look normal as far as i can tell at this point. I will update this as i know what happens.

Then i was asked by several people, how do you Know a baby is polled when first born..I took some pictures of 
mine so hopefully help identify polled babies before they are disbudded by mistake




~Tonia said...

With my nubians the hair lays flat on their head when they are polled. When they are horned it grows in little swirls where their horns will be.. Cute babies!!

Jordi said...

I'll be interested in seeing how the breeding goes. Some of the information I have seen would indicate that the odds of sterile goats or hermaphrodites is just about the same polled breedings or not, so there is a chance that rumors have had a lot to do with current breeding practices.

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