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Kidding Time part 2 : Gathering Supplies

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Kidding Kit You might want to start this a bit early make a list check it twice ... what I am doing here is combining several lists to attempt to meet the extreme, do the best that you can, and gather as much as you can, chances are you wont need much of your kit but it sure is a time saver when you have it on hand just in case.. the list will be rather long, adjust it to fit your needs :

  • Storage Place  cabinet, cooler, a tool box or a tack box something to hold your supplies so they are handy
  • Cell Phone - with the emergency phone number of your vet, it seems as if if your going to need a vet it will be late at night or on the weekends.. also the number of your goat mentor, if you don't have one find one.. very important.
  • Spiral Notebook and a pencil leave it in your tool box so that it is always near by or hang it on the wall. use a pencil instead of a pen or marker because it will not freeze as a pen would, you will need to use this to keep account of who is born to which doe, and who is born first, give a brief color description and left ear ID #, time of birth, number in birth, anything unusual, and weight. 
  • Wear clothes that you don't mind ruining such as cover alls, if you have to assist you will get slimy goo on you
  • Spool of ribbon to right ID #'s on the kids, this will help keep track of who belongs to whom until everyone is properly tattooed and bonded to their dams or sold.  
  • Digital Camera, set it to display the date and time, this will also help keep track of who is who and when, make sure you got new batteries. 
  • Flash light or other light sourse in case the power goes out, also new batteries
  • Towels and Sweaters, you can make some quick sweaters form old sweat shirts or sweat pant legs, wont look fancy but will help fend off the cold in extreme temps
  • Newspaper to put under each birth to catch the fluids to help keep pen dry and clean, and to keep kids from being born in siblings birthing fluids. makes for a cleaner birth
  • Paper Towels i like using paper towels better then cloth towels, they absorb the fluids and make cleaning a kid faster and cleaner, cloth towels seem to just smear the goo around not absorbing it like paper towels too, boy a big package or two you wont regret it. i use old feed sacks to gather the dirty ones in
  • Hair Dryer to help dry kids quickly
  • Dental Floss to tie of navel or shorten it
  • Sterilized Surgical Scissors to cut off navel cord that  is too long
  • Tamed Iodine to coat kids navel
  • Ivory Soap and Container of Worm Water I use a large water thermos in the winter with hot water, by the time i need it is will have cooled... this will be used to wash your hands if you need to assist.
  • Long surgical gloves can be found at you local pharmacy and many feed stores, I no longer use this because i feel that it hinder my hands from feeling what i can not see. 
  •  Germ X i use this before i go in to assist 
  • Water Based Lubricant such as KY Jelly or Ivory Soap, i use the Ivory
  • Uterine Boluses or Antibiotic found at your local feed store or vet, give a ND doe one bolus if you have enter her uterus to help prevent infection
  • Wash moms udder getting it ready for kids unless you pull kids at birth, in which case you start milking right away
  • A card board box to put kids in if you intend to pull them ( i don't unless requested )
  • Nasal Aspirator to remove mucus and any uterine fluids that might have gotten in the nose and mouth, helps kids get to breathing faster, clearing the nose and mouth also lessons the chance of newborn pneumonia 
  • Feeding tube or syringe found at your vet or goat supply store to use to feed week kids
  • Pitchered Nipple bottle or baby bottle either will work, i like the Pitchered nipple, especially for newborns, i will milk mom and give their first sips from a bottle, this makes switching later on a bit easier and also starts the bond with me, even though i dam raise
  • Nutra Drench a squirt of Nutra Drench goes into the blood giving the kid a jump start 
  • Scale to weigh the kids, i use a fishing scale, Nigerian Dwarf usually weigh between 2 - 4 lbs. 
  • Popsicle stick and surgical tape to make splints for weak legs, a shot of BoSe will also help straighten and strengthen kids legs 1/4 cc in the muscle
  • Molasses Water for the mom gives mom energy and a reward for all her hard work, also a treat of grain or peanuts or cookies, now is the time to spoil her she has earned it.
to be continued Part 3 when things go wrong........................

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~Tonia said...

Love the picture!!I had one sitting on her hindend this morning. She isnt huge but she never gets real obviously huge like everyone else.
On the Uterine boluse You can take a dose of Biomycin and mix with 12 ccs of sterile water and using the syringe with out the needle you can put your hand back in with the syringe and push the antibiotic into the uterus. Making sure you are past the cervix. You do this Before they pass the placenta if possible and the contractions will slosh it around. It worked Wonderful for Ethel when she miscarried. I havent had one bounce back so quickly!

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