Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We raise these amazing little goats for many reasons.The first a primary reason is the sweet creamy tasting  milk, which feeds our family. Then space was the second reason, we rent a small 10acre farm which doesn't have much for buildings or fencing. But if your not careful you will be overwhelmed with numbers in a heart beat. Most of us that raise this little ones know that ""they are like potato chips, you can't have just one""

Currently on our farm we are house 60 then i need so if they appeal to you be sure you contact me!!


We chose  to raise the Siamese Satins because of their dual purpose Commercial appeal.. They have beautiful fur coloring and fur quality so very soft. My husband a leather crafter, i thought that maybe he would enjoy making mitten and hats from the fur. I do how ever get attached to them so finding 4H and pet home is always first priority. 


I chose the Narragansett because i think they are beautiful!! No not really, I read that they are home bodies, stay close to home, friendly, have a large carcass, breed easily, and are good mothers. Our first year my hen hatched 16 chicks. I sold a bunch and kept a few. My cats got a few. but she did a better job then i expected her to do. 

Here is my hen with her remaining 5 chicks. Unfortunately something from the sky, we think an owl took her in the night. i will miss her dearly. She got to the point where she would actually sit in my lap.


Here is another heritage breed that I absolutely love love this little bird. It is smaller then the average brown egg layer so it eats less, but still pumps out some medium sized brown eggs.  But the biggest draw to these little bird is that my mother (now gone) would call most chickens but especially the barred type Domineckers.. I wish I had gotten some of these while she was still here.. I guess late is better then never.. so actually these little birds have a sentimental value to them for me.Currently I have 4 hens and i am looking for a nice show quality rooster??


I purchased a handful of Silkies, and as always GOD is good, I purchased 6 chicks and was blessed with 5 hens and one rooster.. I really didn't know what i wanted to do here, they lay a nice cream colored egg. But their biggest asset is there willingness to be broody ALL THE TIME..If they find a next they will claim it and nest no matter what or who owns it..If a person needs some help incubating difficult breeds such as guineas, then here is a good baby sitter. They are absolutely beautiful to watch, I am really glad that they are here.


Organic pest control
I purchased a few eggs spring of 2010 and was blessed with a beautiful assortment. there are lavender, pearl, royal purple, buff, and a powder blue and one white.. amazing.. great watch dogs but their biggest contribution to the farm is tick control, we will also cook eggs for the dogs and if the flock becomes too many we will also eat them.. a dark meat game type bird is what we will be serving up. 


This duck loves to make babies, i stole her eggs 3 times this year and still she made nest. she is a very good mother. I purchased them to help control the fly population, and for the fact that they don't need a pool of water to mate as other ducks do. and the ducklings in the picture above are proof.  
Have found a new home for the time being..


Nanqu 100 % gr pyr

Nanqu is my 100% Great Pyrenees Male. He is the full time shepherd of the goats. He rarely ever leaves their side.  Ziva my female is my parameter dog she hangs out mostly in the front of the house and does parameter check several times a day and night. She is in constant state of attention during the night hours but usually asleep someplace during the day
Ziva 3/4 great pyr 1/4 Akbash

I am not a dog breeder or a puppy mill, but I will keep this pair intact and will have pups in the future..The mating of this pair will cause them to be more territorial and more protective of this territory .
And yes the pups will be very very cute! 

Ziva's litter "Can you find me"

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