Sunday, August 16, 2015

WoW It has been a long time since i've been here... I see that I need to spend some time catching up. A lot has happened since my last post.. A divorce, 3 moves, A drastic herd change, and I currently do not have any other barn yard animals. but i do live in a beautiful place so stay tuned and i'll try to get this blogg updated 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving UPdate

Not much to tell, we still haven't found a place to go to ... the new owner was kind enough to allow us to stay until after spring planting.. Praise God.. I am sure God is at work moving mountains and lining things up, i'm sure He already has a place picked out.. it is a major lesson of trust happening here.. do i trust the Lord to see us through or do i TRUST the Lord to see us through...

I have sold about half of my Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd and am trying to hold on to the rest with tooth and nail. i am trying to hear if the Lord wants me to keep them or does He want me to give them up.. at the moment it is very difficult to decide between flesh vers obedience .. I have learned that if the Lord wants you to do something then it will be the desire or your heart. that your heart will line up.. leaving this lifestyle is not the desire of my hear at all.. and there is no peace that comes with completely leaving it.. daily my mind still looks for ways to improve my herd or the products that I look forward to making with the milk. So I am going to believe that the Lord wants us to keep at least some of them for now..

And same goes for the things in the house, i am a total mess emotionally and mentally, since we have no idea where we are going. i don't know if i should part with heavy winter close or summer clothes . will my new house be big enough to contain all my "junk" or do i need to thin down to bare necessity..  Being a woman we like to set up house so i am having a very difficult time here not knowing where, what, when, or how my tomorrow will look . 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

OH WOW Never thought it would happen to us....

but it did.. because we rent we knew it could happen at any time. The farm we currently rent was sold at auction Dec 1st.. and we have been given until Jan 31 to vacate.. an no at the moment we have no idea were we are going.. I am forced to sell most if not all of my animals and that in itself is a killer to me.. i'd much rather sell all contents in the house and keep my beloved goaties .. but we all know that is not logical.. which way do i go, which way do i go.. I don't know. about all we can do is to put this mess in God's hands and allow him to lead us through to greener pastures ..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sore Mouth #3 The Next Year 2012

typical outbreak in the adults of 2009
HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED IN 2010 it was a real nightmare....
Because all the research i had found leaned to the idea that once they had it, they would develop an immunity.. that was true to an extent.. they  09's flock, did get a relapse on their udders, from the kids,, then the kids,, the kids got it sooo bad and at first i was so unpaired and frustrated,,i cried alot, cus i didn't know how to make it better,, i didn't know what to do.. I bought the vaccine..Note: ..when you buy the vaccine it is a live vi rouse probably of a different strain that what you already have... so will break out in both strains.. . i fallowed the instructions and put the vaccine on the tail in hopes that they wouldn't break out on the mouth so they could still eat.... March babies did the best and had the fastest recovery time.. April Babies got it bad.. they had it not only on the tails but also in the mouth sooo bad they could hardly breath.. and in their fur on the skin.. i had never in my life seen something sooo gross ... and boy did i feel helpless..

the kids looked more like a thrush notice the gumbs  
this one had it really bad in the cheeks and thoat

How i handled it,, i felt very frustrated and helpless,, you have to allow this to run it's course,, you can help though.. I gave LA200 shots to help prevent secondary infections. and i used mouth wash to help keep the mouth clean.. i put it in a spray bottle and misted it.. you need to stock up on latex gloves and make sure there is no hay collected at the top of the mouth ,, with the swelling it was tuff for them to swallow solids. .. 2010 i took most of the kids off their dams in hopes of keeping it from spreading and to make sure the kids were getting enough to eat.. bottle feeding was also a chore for the poor babies, because they couldn't wrap their lips around the bottles.... I did leave one on her mother to see if there was a difference,, and there was... she fared much better with a quicker recovery time.. but note that you have to help keep the udder clean because the sores can spread to the udder .. basically a big mess.. I continued to vaccinate May June and July babies... i experimented of when to vaccinate, and found that the best time is at 1 week of age...Still . The June babies got it the worst.. even with the vaccine, these babies became terribly stunted  and i lost a couple no matter  how hard i tried..... I had 2 kids in August and i ran out of vaccine so they didn't get their vaccine and you know what,, they haven't had sore mouth yet either.. wonder if there is something to that, or if the lysine in the feed actually helped ???

The New Oberhasli that came here this year have  gotten it but not nearly as bad as my babies.. not even the 2 month old jr.s that came here in July..both were vaccinated.. I again brought in 4 more Obers in October hoping they will get a mild case and we will be done for the year...

Good question.. I pray that it wont show it's ugly face again.. but if it does i will collect live scabs from those that have broken out and add water then apply to all the rest of the herd on the tail.. wish me luck ..

Who knows at this point.. but i have heard a couple of wise tales .. added lysine to their feed ration.. and barn yard lime to the goat pens and grounds heavily .. so I will explore that.. I did add the lysine to the diet mid way through 2010 and i think the June and July, August kids didn't break out near as badly so it may have had a positive effect .. i will continue adding lysine to the feed.. 

Sore Mouth  # 2

I have carefully checked each and every goat to see if in fact they had contracted the sore mouth virus, and each new case I wrote the names down. All but 2 bucks have or have had this virus. I am still waiting on the remaining 2. I thought for sure by now they would have contracted it..

But as for the herd as a whole, the description stated that they may go off feed but that was not the case here. They all acted very normal and ate like little pigs regardless. Most have healed, all are healing, there is a scare left behind but that is about it..

This hit my farm late in the year,, so i went ahead and dried them up and weaned all jr. does.. I did this because the jr. does could cause their mothers to get the sores on the udder and infection set in then mastitis, i wanted to avoid mastitis at all cost.

As for selling my girls as soon as the scabs fall off and the mouths are completely healed then i will bath them in the house if i have too and then soak them in a vinegar dip to help prevent the spread of sore mouth.

So please don't be afraid,  none have  died over this, no cases of mastitis, no goats starving to death, and if they went off of food I was prepared to provide ground feed.. I didn't get it, if i did it was a cold sore on my mouth which i get every fall anyway, so i really wasn't sure if my cold sore was the same as there sore mouth..but my arm didn't fall off or anything.. it was just a pain to deal with.. Thank God it wasn't somthing like the dreaded CL or CAE or Johnes.. God is Good All the Time!!

I can't afford to do a whole herd test right now, that is in the future plans, will need to do my own draw.., however if you are interested in a purchase and you want me to have that goat tested I will gladly do so with a deposit, if the goat  GOD forbid comes back positive, i will refund your money.. I have so far not ever had a goat come back possitive and I pray that they never will

Sore Mouth Update

Posted on October 11, 2010 at 10:30 PM
This entered my herd 9-27-10 it is now 10-11-10 and it is now on 19 out of 47 goats that includes bucks and wethers.. it is still moving very fast, i am gratefull for the rutt and for the fact that everything is in heat, this seems to be causing this to spread supper fast.. there are still 28 goats to be infected, i check for new cases daily, so that i can be sure of what i am seeing..I will be one very happy person when this is finished !!!

Some of the girls are getting a more severe case of it and it is effecting both the top and bottom lip all around the mouth and they walk around with their mouths hanging open, then there are others that their mouths are swollen near the jaw that it looks like they have hidden nuts in their mouths .. all are eating slow and drinking lots of water.  But otherwise all are doing very well.

Sore Mouth #1

Sore Mouth

YEP it is here and in my herd,, where it came from is not important, but to inform you the potential buyer ,, it is highly contagious can be picked up at shows, visiting neighbors, at sale barns, exotic sales, dairys, very common amongst meat goats, caries tires, feet, ect ect. .. it is not life threatening but it is a pain in the butt.. it can spread to humans by contact, about the only time that it becomes life threatening is with secondary infection... it acts like a cold sore that us humans get, and we don't even think about it,..out of all that have had it so far, none have gotten much worse then this picture above,,, you will see worse cases then this if you go to the link.. pretty much all that you can do is to watch it, put antibiotic salve on it.. one person suggested vinegar changes the PH in the scab?? I thought I had it contained to the quantine pen, but we have had such a bad fly year that it was inevitable to spread..

WHAT NOW... well all i can do is wait for this to run it's course,, I will not sell anything that has not yet had it, and only when  scabs have completly fallen off and the sores healed. I will do all that i t can to prevent this from spreading to any place off of my farm, i promise to clip, bath and scrub the goat and hooves on all departing animals,, but the buyer must now realize that there is still a chance..  At least here at PlayRite Farm you have been informed and I didn't secretly sell you an animal that beaks out and infects your whole herd before you knew what hit you.. SALES ONLY TO INFORMED BUYERS...

IN THE i did alot of reserch I learned that this virouse lives and thrives in cool dry climates, and does not thrive in pasutres .. my corner of Nebraska is usually very wet and very cold , this may very well be my salvation. After it has run it's course i will do my utmost to clean and sanitize everything that the goats come in contact with..2011 kids will be clipped bathed as best as possible before leaving < provided that this virouse has finished running it's course before kidding even starts, if not then i will pull the kids > so please help me and reserver yours today, if not i will truly be a ""crazy old goat lady by the time they are all weanted""

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

July - August

We leave July's scorching hot temperatures extremely humid conditions for August much cooler temps .. crazy ha.. this month would have normally been a busy month for goat shows and getting ready for the state fair.. But God had other things in mind... surprise visitors ... ALL the way from Kentucky... my daughter calls me and ask me if i wanted to keep my toddler grandsons ages 2 and 3 for 3 weeks...GULP...well what granny would say no..
driving the tractor
all work and no play
 goats eat a lot

There all full
farm work is never done
where o where did papa go
wait for me

so that is where milk comes from
it was all worth it

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