Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving UPdate

Not much to tell, we still haven't found a place to go to ... the new owner was kind enough to allow us to stay until after spring planting.. Praise God.. I am sure God is at work moving mountains and lining things up, i'm sure He already has a place picked out.. it is a major lesson of trust happening here.. do i trust the Lord to see us through or do i TRUST the Lord to see us through...

I have sold about half of my Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd and am trying to hold on to the rest with tooth and nail. i am trying to hear if the Lord wants me to keep them or does He want me to give them up.. at the moment it is very difficult to decide between flesh vers obedience .. I have learned that if the Lord wants you to do something then it will be the desire or your heart. that your heart will line up.. leaving this lifestyle is not the desire of my hear at all.. and there is no peace that comes with completely leaving it.. daily my mind still looks for ways to improve my herd or the products that I look forward to making with the milk. So I am going to believe that the Lord wants us to keep at least some of them for now..

And same goes for the things in the house, i am a total mess emotionally and mentally, since we have no idea where we are going. i don't know if i should part with heavy winter close or summer clothes . will my new house be big enough to contain all my "junk" or do i need to thin down to bare necessity..  Being a woman we like to set up house so i am having a very difficult time here not knowing where, what, when, or how my tomorrow will look . 

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