Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to build a Tarp Hut

This will be modeled for my guinea and turkey for winter shelter: Basic Idea came from http://allnaturalsimplelife.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-we-built-our-chicken-house.html,, but i plan to modify it to fit the guineas needs, what ever i come up with in the end, surly will be better then the trees when a storm hits? ...stay tuned, this might end up being more then a week end project...lol

My plan is for an 8X8
First you gotta have a basic supply list..
6ft T-post
2-16ft cattle panels
 1/4" Zip-Ties

list above is items we've used to build our modified tarp hut so far

Below is the suggested list from Simple Pleasures Blog

2" & 3" screws
8-8ft 2X3 boards
1-board the length of the back panel(12ft here)
1 inch Chicken wire
2X4 welded wire
 Small Fence staples
A pair of Hinges
 Some type of heavy duty latch for outside.
 Some type of support for the middle
Plenty of Roosting post

Day One: We have opted to make this an 8X8. since it will be mainly a guinea winter house.

we need to order the tarp now before we can go any futher we will order it from 

maybe not, a $50 tarp and UPS shipping $37.80  :(   
I heard a rumor that there is a place in Omaha that gives them away for free, i haven't found that place yet, and am not sure that it still wouldn't be cheaper to order them this way as it will cost twice that i gas to get there and back, unless I was sure that i could get several at a time. 


~Tonia said...

One of the things I like about the panel/tarp shelters are there are 101+ ways to build it. Cant wait to see what you come up with..

Chai Chai said...

I want to see this as well. We used dog panels for our rams, but I would like to get the guineas out of the chicken coop. Won't an open ground structure leave them open for predators?

Carla said...

I am not sure that i will get this finished this year or not. but no i don't worry about ground predators not with my LGD's, i haven't had a ground predator since i first purchased the first LGD my current females mother..3 years ago. I do believe i had a great horned owl that took my turkey hen a few months back, but no ground predators.

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