Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st

I am sitting here and my fingers are cold.. making typing a bit difficult. I have started making plans.. I plan to make my guineas a tarp hut, construction hopefully will being tomorrow, then i will need to get them in the hut, not an easy thing to do.. i hear that they love millet.. so i will go and find some, they will stay in this hut for the winter. I lost a few guinea last winter due to the unexpected snow storm that we got. I pray that we will be better prepared this year.. I may also house the turkey in with the guinea... then i plan to use a truck topper for a duck house. Up until now they all shared the chicken house, but because I need the house that they did live in for kidding this year i need to make them different housing, but i think it will work nicely.

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~Tonia said...

Its getting chilly here too. Enough that we have to have a fire started everyday even if it does go out for a little while.
I posted the link to the blog post I did on the chicken house in my last post. I hope it helps. I also have a search button on my blog to search for things like that.
SOunds like you are in for some busy times!

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