Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cleaned the Chicken House

Since i didn't have a tarp to finish my tarp hut for the guineas, and I didn't have PVC pipe to build the rabbit hutch that I'd like to make I cleaned my chicken house instead.  The chickens have all been moved to their newly cleaned broiler house that has been converted to a chicken house complete with mulched leaf bedding. Their "old house" will be converted into a maternity ward for PlayRite Farm's  2011 Kidding Season 

I am planning on putting in up to 7 pens measuring 4 x 5 ft. each.. This house is very snug and has electricity running to it via drop cord, the power poll is not far, making it easy to put up heat lamps.. I'd like to keep each doe/kids together for at least a week. I am not sure that this will be possible this year as we are kidding out 32 does. The most ever for PlayRite Farm 

I also will be setting up pens in my horse trailer 4 pens possible in the big one and 2 pens possible in the 2 horse trailer. and if all else fails i can put one in the dressing room, of the big Hopefully i have the kiddings spaced out enough that we wont need to use them all at once.

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