Monday, January 10, 2011

Kidding Time part 3 : When things go wrong

Most of the goat kidding is uneventful and the does will poop out kids with no problems.. so what do you do when things go wrong: HUMMM

wat you talking about? 
  • I have been told to wait 45 minutes of hard pushing with no results before you go after the kids
  • don't panic, take a deep breath have your phone #'s on hand for support as well as help
  • don't stop once you start to assist.
  • clean gloved hand with lubricant, go in slowly, 2 fingers at a time, if there is a blockage she will most likely not be completely dilated, spread your fingers out, add another finger, do this until you can get your hand in with out much resistance. 
  • resently learned that Lutalace a drop or two in the lubricant can help dilate, ( warning do not use this if you are pregnant or if you might be pregnant, this will cause you to abort your own child make sure you are wearing gloves )  but in an extreme situation Lutaclace could be a good thing to have on hand
  • Oxytocin is also a good product to have on hand, if a doe is tiring give a shot of Oxytocin to help stimulate contractions
  • Have the doe lay on her left side so that you can feel in side of her "horns" channels sometimes kids can hide in a horn and it is tuff to find.
  • I have found that  when in a pickle and things are getting tangled, it is best to find the back legs with tail facing up, cover the hooves so they don't tear the placenta and guide them out and pull with her contractions if you can, if there is no time just pull. 
  • If you start pulling kids, chances are you will have to pull the rest of them also. 
  • sometimes it is really tight inside and you can't turn a kid around, if this is the case, then grab head, then with your hand fallow it down and smooth the legs out along the sides of the tummy then quickly go back to the head grab and pull. this will be a bit tuff for mom cus this will make chest a bit bigger but she can do this, give her some time to dilate but not too much, try to work with contractions 
  • it is always good to watch your doe after kidding until she has passed the afterbirth and is up and eating like nothing happened. if she is still straining chances are there is another one possibly a dead kid, you will have to go and fish it out. 
  • sometime it is a good idea to bounce her stomach, in other words pull up her stomach from underneath as far as you can, sometimes you can feel movement in this position, keep your hands touching the abdomen  and let the abdomen fall, if there is still a kid you will feel it bounce on the abdomen wall. 
  • Apply the Uterine Bolus after the invasion, 
  • Preparation H will help reduce the swelling of the vulva. 
  • for and abortion my vet told me to do 5 cc of Pen G for 5 days, check this with your vet to be sure. 
  • when to call or go to the vet. if you can't get the kids out, it is time to go ASAP but call vet in advance so that he/she will meet you.
There is no way that i can cover all of the things that could go wrong, it is best that you have a good relationship with your vet, what i listed here is based only on my limited experience. I do not claim to know it all, and I do not claim to be a vet..And by no means is every situation the same...Do your homework, join goat groups, talk to other breeders, talk to your vet.

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