Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kidding Time part 4 getting the doe ready

Maybe this should be in first place, but i figure by this time you/I should already have everything else in place
This is something that i advice you to do further research on as there is 2 sides to every coin, Some people don't do anything in fear of abortions and deformities and there is proof that this can do both, so you need to talk to your vet and fellow breeders then make up your own minds

  • Month before kidding I have talked to breeders that advise to give CD&T, BoSe, and Vit A,D shots along with a dose of wormer one month before kidding, make sure it is a wormer that is supposedly safe for the unborn, such as safe guard or panacur.. I do give the CD&T booster and the BoSe and Vit A,D ,, I also feed Mana pro mineral for it's high content of Copper. and start giving just a little bit of grain
  • Be careful feeding grain in this trimester as this is the time of kid growth, too much grain can cause the kids to be too big to deliver, a handful, 1/4 cup should be enough
  • Others like to wait until one week before kidding to worm and yet others wait and worm with in 24 hours after kidding. this is what i do, and i will do a series of 3 times by the time the withholding is over it is then time to milk and i pull kids off at night. . 
  • Trim feet 
  • do an udder clip. i have seen this done two ways #1  shave the rump along with the udder underbelly #2 shave udder and most of belly, down the back side of the rear legs and around the tail. smear KY jelly on the rear to help keep the goo from sticking making clean up easier.  The object here is clean. 

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