Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kidding Time part 5: Birthday when it all comes together

Vicky has so graciously allowed me to take pictures of a kidding, Vicky was dam raised as is a bit wild, but for some reason when it is kidding time they usually want MoM to be near by to hold their hooves.. Everything was going so well that it gave me opportunity to take pictures and sell be there if needed. This was a very easy and fast kidding for Vicky in which i am grateful.. I would love and wish that all kiddings went like this one did. A single birth for a first freshener is pretty normal..We all love the Nigerians Dwarf because of the multiple births, but often with multiple births things get tangled and turned the wrong way, so then that is when the owner breeder has to be prepaid to ..yes..go in and assist or take them to the vet .. So do your homework be prepared.

Vicky is stretching her tail,vulva she is dilating
usually a water bag will come first not always
here comes the baby,
  sometimes this will burst and sometime you will need to be there to break it
this is the bag that the kid has been living in for 5 months. 
 Vicky repositioned herself and gathered momentum for the final push
 And here is Hazel Nut
Vicky as a First Freshener blessed me with only one doe
 time to meet the baby
Vicky chose to rest until the after birth was delivered,
 not all will do that some will be up and down and all over the place, each doe is different
ok we are up, come here baby, your still wet behind the ears
24  hours later, time for some rest
and i am off to a good start
And i get lots of love
this is my son spoiling Hazel 


Chai Chai said...

This has been a very helpful set of posts, thank you.

Zev said...

Glad everything went smoothly. Thanks for that first picture -- if I saw something tiny and red coming out of one of my goats, looking just like that, I would probably think something was wrong.

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