Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Rambling

Sitting here just finished milking.. trying to catch my breath before my next task of feeding everyone and making sure they all have fresh water. It is raining so I will be moving a bit slower today and try to get things done in between the rain if there is such a thing today.. Our goat feeders are all outside and goats don't link getting wet so this make for a rotten day for all of us.. but then again their is alot said about fasting, and how beneficial it is for the cleansing of the body. So even when i do go out to fill the feeders the goats will not venture out int he rain to eat.. wonder which one of us is the smarter ?

Shimmer & baby boy
Our kidding shed is now full with moms and babies, too cold and wet to let them out, so now we are a bit crowded (not what i planned) and having to use the horse trailer for over flow, I will have 3 due in the next 6 days. One in the trailer now getting ready.Was hoping she would wait until tomorrow so i could name one of the kids April Fools or April Shower.  Shekinah has snubbed her grain so that is a good indication that it will be today, her ligaments are gone and i heard her talking to her unborn.. so sweet.

So while i am sitting here warming up and waiting, i am thinking of gardening.......

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