Thursday, July 14, 2011

OHMYGOSH Where has the time gone?

Meet PlayRite June Bug

I really do need to sit and update my blog. WoW  it has been a very busy year.. i will have to update in sections i think.. Never a dull moment when you own and raise animals.. Somewhere in the area of 73 Nigerian Dwarf kids were born  from PlayRite Farms Breeding.. around 43 does and 30 buck kids.. WoW.. is right.. 2 sets of quints, 3 set of quads 8 triplets 10 sets of twins and 7 singles...1 dried fetus, 2 still borns,, I only had to assist in one who had he head bent down and wanted to butt his way out., not all were born here but the most were.  PlayRite Farm did have a doe that was sold, have a set of quints that had some major complications, the doe and 3 of the kids died but 2 survived, as hard as it is to loose them, we all must focus on those yet living..

So All in All a very good year..and the Lord did multiply us!

However the Devil is most usually right behind HIM ready to steel kill and destroy.. more on this later

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Kate said...

Carla, this is so informative. I will read and reread this and make a list of items I will need to purchase before birthing begins. You bless my heart with your positiveness. Thank you for these illustrated steps.

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