Saturday, December 4, 2010

Second Trailer Full of Recycled Leaf bedding and Pumpkins

 Back in October I made a posts that told of my plans to put ads in the local paper to collect mulched leaf litter to be used as animal bedding and a later post of gathering pumpkins to be used as a feed treat for my goats.

everyone enjoying the pumpkins
Pumpkin is full of nutritional benefits and the seed act as a natural wormer. For FREE it sure was worth it !!


~Tonia said...

How Cute!!! Mine have left some pieces as I think they are now full! They are looking forward to Christmas! I am hoping to find a few trees for them since I have a fake tree. They willg et my outside decorations in the pots and the wreath I made..

Linda Stubbs said...

I didn't know that about pumpkins........wonder if it works for chickens. Thank you for becoming a follower! I love to meet new ladies!

I am going to look around your blog now!
Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower Farm

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