Sunday, December 5, 2010


I let my goats out this afternoon, before I let them out I look to see where the cows are, and i didn't see them, so they took off south over the hill and I really couldn't see them, then I went and did chores, turn around and here come the cows,,humm,,, I get a bit worried,,,, the cows aren't used to  seeing the goats in their pasture,  they were curious, perhaps a bit too curious.   I could see the cows standing at attention, watching so I knew that they had seen them,  then they started walking towards the goats, I couldn't see the goats but I knew they were over in that direction, , I'm getting a bit nervous, I mouth a quick prayer for wisdom and protection for my dog Nanqu and goats,.  then a few minutes later here they come, he  brings them home (slowly), no panic,, standing in front of the goats  between the cows. bringing them back to safety. It was beautiful to watch, and of course i didn't have my phone or camera with me. I didn't want to turn away because I was really curious to see how and what he would do to handle this situation...He is definitely worth he weight in gold...and better yet he is only 1 year old..I look forward to many good years with this one

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~Tonia said...

LGD's are fascinating dogs!! Yeah for Nanqu!!

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