Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap

I admit i was sceptically jumping in with both feet so to speak. Someone posted a you tube video of how to make homemade laundry soap, and i thought WOW.. I have been having trouble getting my close to smell clean, especially if i didn't get it in the dryer as soon as the washer stopped. I think we might have a bit of sulfur in our well water, not enough to make the water smell bad as soon as it came out of the hydrant but it would sour dish rags in a hurry, apparently the smell settled in my washer.. Doing laundry was quickly becoming a nightmare, i felt defeated as the clothes still smelled bad afterwards. I even went and purchased the expensive stuff to see if that would help, it didn't.. So I didn't have anything to loose by trying this homemade soap.  

Recipe is as fallows:

1/2 cup of finely grated Ivory bar soap
1/4 cup washing soda (regular is what i used)
1/4 cup borax
mix thoroughly, use 1Tsp. per load (YA! WOW is right)

Now as with everything, I modified this recipe to fit my needs, we have hard water, so I used 1 cup each of the Soda and Borax.. and I probably will use soda feed grade, I simply can't tell a difference except the label and packaging.. And so then I fell in love with my towels again..I was TOTALLY AMAZED !! The expensive stuff  just perfumed the smelly closes. The HOMEMADE laundry soap made my clothes CLEAN!

Shortly after that I watched another video and this one was basically the same recipe except she diluted the bar soap into liquid form and made a liquid soap.. Take a look .. 

I am now sold on Homemade laundry soap. I will not purchase name brands again, and the money that i am saving AMAZING!!


~Tonia said...

I used Baking Soda the first few times I made it then switched to Washing soda.. They are a lot a like one is Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking soda) and the other is Sodium Carbonate(washing soda) But It makes a big differnce.. I also grated my bar soap and melted it. Then I add a bottle of Dawn dish soap. Its bio-degradable and phosphate free. Its also very cheap. I had trouble with getting greasey stains out the Dawn takes care of that. Then I switched things again and instead of the bar soap I now use 2 cups of Liquid Castile soap. My cost are still under $10 for about 5 gallons of laundry soap.. I cant bring myself to buy store bought laundry soap anymore..

Anonymous said...

I also had a problem with my laundry souring if I did not get the clothes directly to the line. Even so sometime they still soured. Since I started making my own with the same recipe as yours except that I use Fels Naptha Bar grated, my laundry smells so good and people that have used the bathroom towels have asked what I am using because the cannot place the wonderful smell my towels have. I have on occasion added a few drops of tea tree oil or lavendar oil directly to a load of bed linens.

Mountain Blessings said...

Hi! I had a few minutes on the computer tonite and I found your blog, its great! I was reading about you making your own soap and I have thought about doing that myself. One tip I can lend you though regarding souring, is to add 1/2cup of white vinegar to your wash, if you forget put in the rinse cycle is ok too. I live in Arizona and our water is so hard and if I don't get the clothes out soon enough we have the same problem. It seems to help to keep the washer itself from smelling. Thanks for sharing your blog! Marla

Penny said...

I've bought the supplies to make my own laundry soap too. In place of one of the bars of Ivory I plan to use Yardley's Lavender soap.
I put a half cup of vinegar in my "Downy" ball and it works very well in the rinse cycle.

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