Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27, 10

A beautiful fall day. We didn't want to waste it, we decided to work outside.  Well sort of, this is my kidding barn for this year, it is my chicken house, very snug, but not very big. I managed to still get 6 decent sized pens and a 7th if needed, pens measure 4x5. All we need now is bedding and a heat source. Still need to run a multi plug extension cords and find water pans and hay feeders. since money is tight will have to come up with something homemade. Do my reader have any ideas?

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~Tonia said...

Hay feeders could be pieces of panel,field fencing or 2X4 wire in the corner of a pen. Enough to hold a fleck or 2 of hay. Anything with a hole big enough for them to get their noses through but that babies cant get through. I always hang water buckets up high enough to NOT catch berries from mom or that baby cant fall in to and drown and it does happen..
I try to catch the 2 gallon buckets on sale at a local farm store and buy them up.. They come in so handy! I use either S hooks or clips to attach the bucket.
Nice pens by the way!!

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