Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good IS Good

He supplies all of my needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus...Praise God !!

Do you remember the post i posted about doing a community service of collecting mulched leaves.. which did a two fold job.  I placed an add in our local paper and I'm sure most that read that though I was nuts.

I was beginning to get a little leery of if anyone would actually read my ad in our local paper and respond..the pick up date came and went, yet still no one responded. So we decided to run the ad a bit longer and yah, the trailer came home today full of mulched leaves and people calling the papers wanting to give more, I will be set this winter for poultry bedding and possibly even goat bedding, I am soooo grateful to our community. .. the pumpkins were a bit on the short side, the ones we did get went to the chickens and goats right away. They love the treats. 

Picture of my bird enjoying the new leaf mulch bedding, they find all kinds of things, grass leaves, bugs, plant seed, they are in heaven. 


~Tonia said...

YEAH!We have got to get on the ball and rake up ours for the chickens..

Chai Chai said...

That is what we did with our leaves. The chickens and sheep love them!

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