Saturday, November 13, 2010

<< Huge Sigh of Relief >>

Ziva went into heat today, {my LGD} got her locked up in our new fandangled pens, in just a nick of time, hope they hold her! If she gets out we will have pups in Jan.. so pray that this will hold her. It is reinforced top to bottom.. it is inside a series of pens, hopefully the male will not attempt to get to her from the outside, but if he tries then at least he will have some work to do.
Should this fail i will let you know, pups will be born in January and ready to go sometime at the end of March.. if this does work .. i will then breed her in April and pups will be ready to go around August sometime.  

Ziva is 3/4 Gr Pyr and 1/4 Akbash  x  Nanqu is 100% Gr Pyr .. the pups will be 7/8 Gr. Pyr.. they should be GOOD! They currently guard Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Turkey, and Rabbits. I have not had one  ground predator come into our yard since they have come


~Tonia said...

I have seen pics of Akbash but never heard of Nanqu. If I lived in a less populated area and had mroe predator problemsI would have one or 2.. But we are right on the edge of town and the biggest threat is other dogs Very rarely!..

~Tonia said...

Oh and good luck on keeping her penned.Lol I hope it works for you all! If he gets thru he could go down as the most determined dog ever!Lol

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