Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love is in the Air

And boy does it stink !! It is breeding season here at PlayRite Farm. I have 9 intact bucks and they are all peeing on themselves in hopes that their smell attracts the does..I plan to breed 31 does this year. Why so many? Mostly because I leased a dozen does from a friend and the payment for taking care of these does is the kids that will be born here.. This i the most i've ever bred in one season and i probably need my head examined. To help myself better manage this i have to be careful and limit myself to only 6 does every 2 weeks until all are bred. I will have enough warm kidding pens to hold 6 does comfortably during the cold wether of early March and into April. I hope to be finished kidding by the end of April.. So Anyone ready this and are interested in more information about my breeding schedule please visit my web site's kidding schedule then contact me to reserve 2011 kids.. I am also breeding does that I've decided to sell so this is a good time to add new blood get a good deal or start your own herd. Be sure to check our the sale page to see what i have to offer.

 If your a new time goat owner/breeder please be sure you  are prepared Goat Breeding & Kid Rearing DVD  and get yourself a mentor, to guide you through your first kidding

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~Tonia said...

I have a friend that will have around 60+ kidding this year starting in January up till March(?) I think.. The mos ti have had kid out was 20 and because of the place, set up and situation was a nightmare. Now I am back to my own thing and dont plan on having more that 10 does at a time. Like this year 3 are to young and one is getting a break..
But it definitely is a Smelly time of year for the goats!Lol .. Things are calming down here as all 6 are bred and he cant get to the others even though the buck gets aggravated he will get over it. Lol
Good luck with all those goats!

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