Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surviving the Heat of 2011

 Keeping the animals cool and comfortable and alive  this summer has been a huge challenge for many of us.. We have been under an "Excessive Heat Warning" reported by Weather Bug for my area." dangerous heat wave roasting the Nation`s Heartland"  with 110* to 115* heat index, with 59% humidity, makes you have to go to the extremes to make sure the animals  are going to make it through this mess.. found this article on my FB (facebook) feed this morning with some great ideas for helping to keep the chickens cooled.. Keeping your chickens cool in the heat - National Backyard Chickens |

the wadding pool idea would be great for all the animals.. my turkey's enjoy wadding so much, that they come in off their nests and stand in the goat's water tub cool off then leave a payment ... which makes me come along behind and refresh the water again. yet again

I have had to take extra measure for the pups now 5 weeks old, this heat is almost 2 much for them so they get to come into the basement and cool their tummies on the basement floor.. they seem to like that also. Today is a dry heat and they are enjoying the pool.

So Far I have been running a fans and changing water numerous times a day. for all the animals.. The Goats have tarps shade put up in each pen, the bigger goats have it figured out, they are on the east side of their pen in the morning and on the west side in front of the barn in the afternoon,, i have some large Cotton wood trees that also helps cast shade over the pens in the afternoon.. otherwise there is not much movement of any kind from the goats during the day..

The rabbits have their cages under mature mulberry trees,, i don't use water bottles cus the rabbits stick to the bottles and it damages their pelts.. what i do is get dish sized towles and wet them down,, they will lay on them and get their tummys wet then the wind that comes from under the cage cools the bun, they seem to really like this..

We haven't lost anything so far which I am gratefull.. I pray for God's Mercy Favor and Protection

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