Monday, November 8, 2010

Possible Ice Storm on it's way

ice storm from the past
Weather forecast is talking about Thursday 40% rain during the day and 40% frozen mix during the night.. I am soo not ready for this.. Friday had doctors appointment that ended up taking all day and DH gets to stay..Saturday had to go back to pick him up another day down. Sunday is church and I'm too wiped out to do anything more. Monday another day to go to town and wasted. I still have corn to pick up in a field that a farmer gave me. the tar hut is still not finished having trouble finding a tarp. need to get hog panels gathered and at least stored in the chicken house that will be use for kidding pens.. so then at least i can find the panels and they wont be buried  under the soon to come snow. I need at least another 2 months of nice weather and still i wont be done..

We got an ice storm 3 or 4 years ago very similar to the picture above that was so heavy that the weight on the electric wire cause the power poles to snap like tooth pics is about 500 sq mile radius. most of Nebraska was without power for a very long time.. but in a mild year the ice on the tree limbs can be beautiful .

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~Tonia said...

January 14th 2007 was the start of 3 days of storm then listening to trees and poles snap. One night we counted and for several hours heard a tree snap every minute or so.. WE had about 2 inches of ice then snow.. It was extremely cold and we had 18 people in our house for 4 days then 10 for another 4 days after that. Finally after 9 days we got power back on. It was beautiful though!
Thank God for wood heat and a stove I could cook on. My probel now would be water since we are on a well and it takes electric to get water..
But I definitely am stillnot ready for cold, snow and ice... Rain would be nice though as we are under fire warnings.
I hope you have a quiet and productive week! Have you tried calling local sign companies for the tarp?

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