Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sore Mouth  # 2

I have carefully checked each and every goat to see if in fact they had contracted the sore mouth virus, and each new case I wrote the names down. All but 2 bucks have or have had this virus. I am still waiting on the remaining 2. I thought for sure by now they would have contracted it..

But as for the herd as a whole, the description stated that they may go off feed but that was not the case here. They all acted very normal and ate like little pigs regardless. Most have healed, all are healing, there is a scare left behind but that is about it..

This hit my farm late in the year,, so i went ahead and dried them up and weaned all jr. does.. I did this because the jr. does could cause their mothers to get the sores on the udder and infection set in then mastitis, i wanted to avoid mastitis at all cost.

As for selling my girls as soon as the scabs fall off and the mouths are completely healed then i will bath them in the house if i have too and then soak them in a vinegar dip to help prevent the spread of sore mouth.

So please don't be afraid,  none have  died over this, no cases of mastitis, no goats starving to death, and if they went off of food I was prepared to provide ground feed.. I didn't get it, if i did it was a cold sore on my mouth which i get every fall anyway, so i really wasn't sure if my cold sore was the same as there sore mouth..but my arm didn't fall off or anything.. it was just a pain to deal with.. Thank God it wasn't somthing like the dreaded CL or CAE or Johnes.. God is Good All the Time!!

I can't afford to do a whole herd test right now, that is in the future plans, will need to do my own draw.., however if you are interested in a purchase and you want me to have that goat tested I will gladly do so with a deposit, if the goat  GOD forbid comes back positive, i will refund your money.. I have so far not ever had a goat come back possitive and I pray that they never will

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