Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sore Mouth #3 The Next Year 2012

typical outbreak in the adults of 2009
HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED IN 2010 it was a real nightmare....
Because all the research i had found leaned to the idea that once they had it, they would develop an immunity.. that was true to an extent.. they  09's flock, did get a relapse on their udders, from the kids,, then the kids,, the kids got it sooo bad and at first i was so unpaired and frustrated,,i cried alot, cus i didn't know how to make it better,, i didn't know what to do.. I bought the vaccine..Note: ..when you buy the vaccine it is a live vi rouse probably of a different strain that what you already have... so will break out in both strains.. . i fallowed the instructions and put the vaccine on the tail in hopes that they wouldn't break out on the mouth so they could still eat.... March babies did the best and had the fastest recovery time.. April Babies got it bad.. they had it not only on the tails but also in the mouth sooo bad they could hardly breath.. and in their fur on the skin.. i had never in my life seen something sooo gross ... and boy did i feel helpless..

the kids looked more like a thrush notice the gumbs  
this one had it really bad in the cheeks and thoat

How i handled it,, i felt very frustrated and helpless,, you have to allow this to run it's course,, you can help though.. I gave LA200 shots to help prevent secondary infections. and i used mouth wash to help keep the mouth clean.. i put it in a spray bottle and misted it.. you need to stock up on latex gloves and make sure there is no hay collected at the top of the mouth ,, with the swelling it was tuff for them to swallow solids. .. 2010 i took most of the kids off their dams in hopes of keeping it from spreading and to make sure the kids were getting enough to eat.. bottle feeding was also a chore for the poor babies, because they couldn't wrap their lips around the bottles.... I did leave one on her mother to see if there was a difference,, and there was... she fared much better with a quicker recovery time.. but note that you have to help keep the udder clean because the sores can spread to the udder .. basically a big mess.. I continued to vaccinate May June and July babies... i experimented of when to vaccinate, and found that the best time is at 1 week of age...Still . The June babies got it the worst.. even with the vaccine, these babies became terribly stunted  and i lost a couple no matter  how hard i tried..... I had 2 kids in August and i ran out of vaccine so they didn't get their vaccine and you know what,, they haven't had sore mouth yet either.. wonder if there is something to that, or if the lysine in the feed actually helped ???

The New Oberhasli that came here this year have  gotten it but not nearly as bad as my babies.. not even the 2 month old jr.s that came here in July..both were vaccinated.. I again brought in 4 more Obers in October hoping they will get a mild case and we will be done for the year...

Good question.. I pray that it wont show it's ugly face again.. but if it does i will collect live scabs from those that have broken out and add water then apply to all the rest of the herd on the tail.. wish me luck ..

Who knows at this point.. but i have heard a couple of wise tales .. added lysine to their feed ration.. and barn yard lime to the goat pens and grounds heavily .. so I will explore that.. I did add the lysine to the diet mid way through 2010 and i think the June and July, August kids didn't break out near as badly so it may have had a positive effect .. i will continue adding lysine to the feed.. 


lcraun said...

I just saw this post when I was on my blog. You are doing everything you can. You would think there would be a vaccine. Your blog and photos are really good.

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Oh wow! I have dealt with it before but never like that. I didnt vaccinate. I just had a few goats at the time. I mixed Zinc Oxide with tea tree oil( Naturally Antibacterial,Antifungal and Anti viral) and smeared it on morning and night. It lasted about 2-3 weeks max. It was the second year I had babies. I haven't had it since in any of my goats. I still have one of the babies that got it. I hope you can get it under control.

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