Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sore Mouth #1

Sore Mouth

YEP it is here and in my herd,, where it came from is not important, but to inform you the potential buyer ,, it is highly contagious can be picked up at shows, visiting neighbors, at sale barns, exotic sales, dairys, very common amongst meat goats, caries tires, feet, ect ect. .. it is not life threatening but it is a pain in the butt.. it can spread to humans by contact, about the only time that it becomes life threatening is with secondary infection... it acts like a cold sore that us humans get, and we don't even think about it,..out of all that have had it so far, none have gotten much worse then this picture above,,, you will see worse cases then this if you go to the link.. pretty much all that you can do is to watch it, put antibiotic salve on it.. one person suggested vinegar changes the PH in the scab?? I thought I had it contained to the quantine pen, but we have had such a bad fly year that it was inevitable to spread..

WHAT NOW... well all i can do is wait for this to run it's course,, I will not sell anything that has not yet had it, and only when  scabs have completly fallen off and the sores healed. I will do all that i t can to prevent this from spreading to any place off of my farm, i promise to clip, bath and scrub the goat and hooves on all departing animals,, but the buyer must now realize that there is still a chance..  At least here at PlayRite Farm you have been informed and I didn't secretly sell you an animal that beaks out and infects your whole herd before you knew what hit you.. SALES ONLY TO INFORMED BUYERS...

IN THE i did alot of reserch I learned that this virouse lives and thrives in cool dry climates, and does not thrive in pasutres .. my corner of Nebraska is usually very wet and very cold , this may very well be my salvation. After it has run it's course i will do my utmost to clean and sanitize everything that the goats come in contact with..2011 kids will be clipped bathed as best as possible before leaving < provided that this virouse has finished running it's course before kidding even starts, if not then i will pull the kids > so please help me and reserver yours today, if not i will truly be a ""crazy old goat lady by the time they are all weanted""

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Jordana said...

Good for you! Being open about it is best, and you are doing all you can. We are all at risk of getting something in our herds, no matter how careful, but I trust those who are honest to be doing their best. Thanks!

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